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Senior web-developers join existing teams and work as in‑house developers,
communicate, collaborate, brainstorm & solve complex problems

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> Already have in-house developers? Great!

Actually we love working with other teams! What can be better than having a chance to make new friends, learn something new & share expertise?

What we're really good at is building a transparent and non-blocking development process along with fluent communication

Areas of Expertise

We build technology-intensive products from inception to monetization in the following areas:

Web Affiliate marketing Mobile advertising Ad Tech Fin Tech HR Tech Healthcare Tech Email marketing E-commerce CRM Social networks Game development Cryptocurrencies Data crawling Cloud solutions Business Intelligence

We create custom platforms, services & APIs in wide range of scales & complexity, data pipelines and third-party integrations. We bring machine learning proof-of-concept models on production by porting it on python or wrapping it's scientific code. We specialize on building solutions for cloud, high load and scalability with data pipeline capable of processing any amount of traffic and data. Our team has loads of hands-on experience in affiliate marketing, mobile advertising & related technologies.

Some of the technologies we use

Python Django Flask Tornado Twisted Celery Sentry Docker uWSGI Nginx SQL Javascript Vue.js Angular.js d3.js Machine Learning Data Analysis Data Mining NLP TensorFlow R Lua Octave Pandas NumPy SciPy Scikit-Learn Redis MySQL PostgreSQL OrientDB MongoDB ElasticSearch Cassandra C++ Qt Java C# Unity Android iOS Blockchain Git OpenCV ETL Kafka Spark Amazon Web Services Amazon Lambda Serverless Heroku Linux

9200+ hours

Tracked only on Upwork in total, much more worked on direct full-time contracts

32+ happy clients

on Upwork, Freelance, Elance, Toptal & direct contracts

100% success

is our average feedback rating on Upwork

10+ Years

Hands-on experience in software and web-development & database design

Check out some of our <developers/>

Arseniy Potapov

Arseniy Potapov

Developer Team Lead

Python expert and experienced developer specialising in creating complex & scalable products ready for high load and big data. Data science & machine learning enthusiast.

Alex Shestakov

Alex Shestakov

Back-end Developer

Senior Python developer, super skilled in building complex Django / Flask projects using cutting-edge technologies.

Rustam Gafurov

Rustam Gafurov

Back-end Developer

Senior Python developer, widely experienced in web development, algorithms, data science & machine learning

Timson Potapov

Timson Potapov

Front-end Developer

Professional Front-end developer experienced in HTML5, CSS3, JS, VueJS, ReactJS, Twitter Bootstrap

Why we're the best

  • We're co-located

    Yes, this might sound a little bit strange - remote guys work in the office during normal office hours. But thanks to this concentration of smart & creative people in same place, we can enjoy "shared expertise" even though different developers work on different projects

    Read blog post about it >>
  • Fluent English

    Communication is the key to success! This is even more true when it comes to joining with other teams. That's why pay so much attention to fine-tuning communication in the team. We use English on daily basis, we read, write and speak english. Emails? No problem. Text chat? Sure. Conference calls? Absolutely!

  • Marathon runners

    Sometimes we take small projects, but we are the most efficient on long-term full-time involvement: this gives deep understanding of the product, all it's processes and technology stack as well as close relationship with the rest team.

  • Intellectual Property

    When it comes to IP security we take it seriously: signing formal Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) & other required documents, keeping email communication under your domain name & following required security procedures - we'd be glad to collaborate with you on that.

  • Transparency

    We do our best in order to make development transparent for clients: task trackers, version control systems, agile development, stand-up reports, release planning, time-trackers, etc. whatever makes it more transparent and predictable.

  • No Risk

    We offer a risk-free trial period for all developers added to you team. Pay only of satisfied. Really.

Clients Say About Us

Arseniy Potapov

Arseniy is simply one of the best developers I've had the pleasure of working with. We relied on his abilities greatly when it came to the most complicated tasks in our system.

Arseniy Potapov

Arseniy is a great developer capable of solving complex problems. In our years of working together he would consistently achieve high quality results and was someone team members would look to when they needed help. Any team is lucky to have him.

Arseniy Potapov & Alex Shestakov

It was real pleasure working with Arseniy and Alex - they were an integral part of our development team at Crossrider. They took part in building one of the most fast-growing mobile ad marketplace systems in the world, processing billions of transactions daily.

Oren Gampel | R&D Vice President @ Crossrider Plc
Arseniy Potapov

Arseniy is a great developer and very good at communicating!

Arseniy Potapov

Arseniy did an excellent job. He has a great attitude and is overall a pleasure to work with.

Arseniy Potapov

Ars worked on the slackbot, email automation and serverless related tasks for us. He is very skilled and we love working with him. We look forward to working with him in the future.

Rustam Gafurov

Automatic optimization of CPA Campaigns using Media Buying Platforms’ API - Rustam delivered great job on this project. I enjoyed working with him and for sure will hire him again.

Guy Prives | Advisor & COO @ Impulse DSP
Peter Pavlov

Peter worked well for a quick project. Communicating with him and the Pypie team was easy and fast.

Oren Gampel | R&D Vice President @ Epiphyte
Alex Shestakov

Alexey is a strong developer, fast learner, great team member. He worked more than year with us. I would be happy to work with him again.

Arseniy Potapov

Arseniy has been the BEST contractor on odesk I've worked with. He's a great team member and a great asset to success of any project he touches.

Rustam Gafurov

Fiat to Blockchain backend - 2nd project we complete with Rustam, and definitely not the last. Very strong developer.

Oren Gampel | R&D Vice President @ Epiphyte

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